The NSW Woodworkers Association members include highly skilled professional woodworkers, semi-professionals and hobbyists – anyone who loves working with wood. We welcome men and women as new members and encourage them to learn new skills from their fellow members.

General meetings
The association meets at 7 for 7.30 pm, on the first Monday of every second month: February, April, June, August, October and December. We talk about materials and techniques and exchange clues and news in the relaxed atmosphere of like-minded people sharing skills and knowledge. We have a guest speaker or demonstrator and visitors and friends are always welcome. And members will often do a show and tell explaining a current project. 

(Catering: $5 each, which includes entry in the draw for lucky door prizes.)  

Next meeting     Mon. April 16
Annual General Meeting
and judging* of the box competition
Note: new venue!

    Members need to get their entries ready for the judging on April 16.
There is no limit on the number of boxes you can enter.
    Boxes must be made predominantly from wood and fit within a 300mm cube. No other restrictions apply.
The following $100 prizes will be awarded by the Committee for: 
                         Best box for a specific purpose,  and 
                         Best joinery and finish.

*Last minute news: David Boucher of Boucher & Co.  will come to our meeting to judge the competition. Boucher & Co. is a team of elite artisans creating the finest luxury furniture and other fine items.  See: 

    There will also be a Members’ Choice prize to be voted by the members present. The boxes will be displayed at the Timber and Working with Wood Show in Sydney from 21-23 June 2018 and may be offered for sale. Anyone wishing to join the Association and participate is invited to contact our Secretary, David Palmer at                   

                      7:15pm  Monday 16 April, 2018
                     at Chiswick Community Centre
  Corner of Blackwall Point Rd & Parkview Rd, Chiswick.

Other activities

Members enjoy the regular get-togethers in our workshop to work on their own projects or just watch other members and learn new skills and ideas. We have competitions within our association as well as competitions between other groups. An example of this is the Create from a crate competition in which some of Australia’s most gifted woodworkers build extraordinary products using just the wood from disused pallets.

We also make visits to other workshops and see demonstrations of new tools, machines and products.

Becoming a member
Membership application form (download and print)
Rules of the Association
Health and Safety Policy

Life Members
Richard Crosland, Phil Lake, Kim Larymore, Leon Sadubin, Richard Vaughan.