Introduction to Box Making

Course Leader: Tim MajorCourse Date: Monday & Tuesday 25th & 26th July 2022Course Fee: $200Places available: 3 This is another new course for this year. It we will be held on two consecutive weekdays. It is a course that is suitable for novice woodworkers. This course will introduce you to the basics of box making. […]

Introductory Woodworking No 1

Course Leader: Peter MunroCourse Date: Saturday 13th August 2022Course Fee: $120Places available: 6 This introductory woodworking course will emphasise the six basic stages of timber preparation. It will enable participants to experience the process to be used when preparing timber for most woodworking projects. This process is known by the acronym, FEWTEL. These letters stand […]

Basics of Finishing

Course Leader: Nik TeplyCourse Date: Saturday 3rd & 10th September 2022Course Fee: $200Places available: 2 In woodworking the verb ‘finishing’ as applied to the process of protection and enhancement of your finished working project. Do it wrong and your work is ruined. Applying these protective products is a detailed and intricate process. Many professional woodworkers […]

Introductory Woodworking No 2

Course Leader: Clare O’ReillyCourse Date: Saturday 1st October 2022Course Fee: $120Places available: 6 In preparing this introductory course we chose a project that would enable the participants to practice the skills we wanted to teach. We searched woodworking sites and magazines looking for inspiration. The project needed to be something useful, inexpensive, doable in 10 […]

Leather stitching and lacing

Course Leader: Phil NanlohyCourse Date: Saturday 9th July 2022Course Fee: $120Places available: 6 This course will teach three leather working techniques. Most focus will be on a technique for joining garment leather and hide using double handed saddle stitch and waxed linen thread. This is a particularly robust method that is stronger than machine stitching. […]

Annual Sharpening Day

Event Date: Saturday 15th October 2022Workshop will be open from 10:00 am to 2:00pm;BBQ 12:00 to 2:00Donation at the Door: $5Places available: Open Sharpening is an art. Techniques can be demonstrated but it is only through practice that we learn to keep our tools as sharp as we can makethem. Very sharp tools can improve […]

Hand Carved Walking Sticks

Course Leader: Bronwyn VostCourse Date: Monday and Tuesday 30th & 31st May 2022Course Fee: $200Places available: 5 This is one of the new courses for this year and will be held on the last Monday and Tuesday in May. Bronwyn was featured in the Meet the Member section of last August’s newsletter. She has long […]

Plane Restoration

Course Leader: Brian DawsonCourse Date: Saturday 11th June 2022Course Fee: $120Places available: 6 During this course participants will learn how to maintain their woodworking planes. They will disassemble, clean and reassemble and fettle a second-hand plane. Participants may bring a plane of their own on which to work or they may use one of the […]

Workshop Accreditation Day

Course Leader: David Palmer Course Date: Saturday 28th May 2022 (10:00 am to 1:00pm only)Donation at the Door: $5Places available: Open This is your opportunity to develop your knowledge of the large woodworking machines in the workshop and so improve the quality of the work you can create. Every machine has its own unique way […]

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