Stool Workshop with Evan Dunstone

Evan Dunstone (Dunstone Designs; Bespoke Fine Furniture – Queanbeyan), the foremost chair-maker in Australia, graced our Quarantine Reserve workshop for a full week-end intensive woodwork.
Evan was very accommodating with access to his personal tools – spokeshaves, wood-carvers, sharp chisels. Carbatec was also generous in providing quite a number of items (wheel-marking gauges, tenon saws, mortice chisels) for members to try out and compare. Of course the week-end workshop was over-subscribed. But six of our members completed the training.
As you can imagine, the skill level of our members was ‘all over the shop’. The truth is 20 Mortise and tenon is a woodwork ‘mountain’ for some of us. Nonetheless, we managed to have only a three-band aid week-end – quite a modest injury count. So over the coming weeks,

Woodwork members can expect to see our crew back at the shed beavering away to complete their project. We hope to bring our little display to a meeting some time in the not-too-distant future. Voila! This is what the final product should look like. The Beta Stool kit was released as recently as August 2016 and features a ‘wave-form’ seat. It requires only hand-tools for assembly. That said, there are 12 mortice and tenon joints together with an additional eight through mortice and tenon joints.

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