June 2002 Meeting
Frank Hanlon discussed adhesives and adhesives solutions.
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Inventor of the Multiple Angle Guide (MAG) 

Jeff won Gold Medal Awarded in the category which included BUILDING; ARCHITECTURE; CIVIL ENGINEERING; CONSTRUCTION; MATERIALS; & WOODWORK.
Gold Medal awarded at the 30th EXHIBITION of INVENTIONS AND NEW TECHNIQUES held in GENEVA, SWITZERLAND on the 1st to the 5th of MAY 2002.

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Jeff Snell demonstrated his invention - Multiple Angle Guide (MAG).  A Hand tool that assists the operator achieve multiple cabinet making joints as follows :- Variations of the dovetail joint; Box joints; Comb joints; Biscuit joints; Mitre joints.

Patent Pending:     Australia
PCT Pending:       Worldwide
Patent applied for in three fields of endeavour..Cabinetmaking: Orthopaedic Surgery & Log Cabin Construction.


Lyndon Pritchard from Revisions says: 

A new slant on cutting angles from AngleMag 
From the innovative brain of Sydney Inventor Jeff Snell comes the amazing, extremely versatile AngleMag. This ingenious yet simple-to-use device recently won a gold medal at the prestigious 'Salon International des Inventons' in Geneva, Switzerland. AngleMag is the ideal tool for cutting precise angles for everything from simple small mitres through to complex box, biscuit and dovetail joints on large cabinet and furniture making jobs. AngleMag clamps securely onto the edge of the job and uses a powerfully magnetised circular guide shoe to hold the saw at the desired angle. When the angle is cut, the adjustable guide shaft is released and rotated through 180 degrees for cutting the opposing angle. Locating grooves are machined at 90 degrees increments around the shaft and allow the guide shoe to be firmly screw-locked at the exact mirror angle for opposite cuts. The tool allows equal ease-of-use, left or right handed, by simply reversing the direction of the guide shaft. 
The unit works well with most standard saws but particularly well with the increasingly popular types of pull-saws' finding favour among wood-workers. 
Mike Delaney showed a cane rocking horse.  This was a follow up on the steam bending demonstration last meeting.