Hinges – for boxes

The chatter surrounding ‘box-making’ has been infectious of late, with members very eager to share their skills and knowledge with others. Our next “Box Making Competition” deadline is four
months away; so it seemed timely to discuss box hardware (particularly hinges) at the general meeting.
With demonstration hardware and the support of Peter Harris & Alex Springall, I chaired an open presentation on the different types of hinges available. I won’t cover them all in this article, but rather the “crowd favourites”.

The Strap/Smart Hinge

• Ideal for small boxes.

• Concealed mortice required.

• In-built ‘stop’: the lid will open only to 90º

.• Straps with rounded ends enable morticing with a router bit (Member tip).

• Brass plated: ~ $A10-15; Solid Brass ~ $A45

Where to buy? Simply Google: “SmartHinge” ™ or “Hardware For Creative Finishes”.


The Quadrant Hinge.

• Ideal for small boxes.

• Concealedmortice required.

 • In-built ‘stay’: the lid willopen only to 90º.

• Take your time with the mortice: it must be precise to house the ‘stay’ correctly when in the closed position (Member tip).

• Brass plated: ~ $A10-15; Solid Brass: ~ $A55


Where to buy? Simply Google: “Hardware For Creative Finishes”.


The SOSS Hinge

• Named after the inventor Joseph Soss.

• Designed originally as an invisible hinge for doors, made smaller for box making.

• A strong, solid hinge – ideal for heavier-lidded boxes.

• Concealed mortice required.

• The position of your mortice need not be in the centre of the piece of timber. The offset from the rear of the box depends on the opening size of the hinge (Member tip).

• Cost: ~ $A10-15.

Where to buy?
Simply Google: “Soss Hinge” ™ or search the Ebay

Happy box making to all members, and please, don’t be shy: Email in a question or a photo seeking advice. I’ll connect with our wealth of member knowledge, and get back to you.
Angus Greenwood

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