Course: Introductory Woodworking No 1

Introductory Woodworking No 1

Course Leader: Peter Munro
Course Date: Saturday 13th August 2022
Course Fee: $120
Places available: 6

This introductory woodworking course will emphasise the six basic stages of timber preparation. It will enable participants to experience the process to be used when preparing timber for most woodworking projects.

This process is known by the acronym, FEWTEL. These letters stand for face, edge, width, thickness, end, and length. These words describe the sequence in which woodworkers prepare pieces of wood for use in a project.

Members will create a serving board from timber they have prepared from an undressed state. They will design a pattern, join multiple pieces of wood, cut the outline of their board on the bandsaw, smooth the edges with a router, hand sand and apply a food friendly finish.

To secure your place on this course, please email

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