Course: Leather Stitching and Lacing

Leather stitching and lacing

Course Leader: Phil Nanlohy
Course Date: Saturday 9th July 2022
Course Fee: $120
Places available: 6

This course will teach three leather working techniques. Most focus will be on a technique for joining garment leather and hide using double handed saddle stitch and waxed linen thread. This is a particularly robust method that is stronger than machine stitching.

The participants will be taught how to design, mark out, cut, glue and stitch items of everyday use from scrap garment leather. The emphasis will be on the safe use of hand tools and acquiring enough knowledge and skill to be able to continue with this craft at home. The skills taught can be used to create new leather elements for furniture projects or for the repair of leather components of existing pieces of furniture.

Participants will receive a kit that includes pieces of leather for practice and a wooden tool known as a stitching pony. Participants will also be introduced to edge lacing and to plaiting of 4 or more strands.

To secure your place on this course, please email

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