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Woodworkers Association Workshop Details
50A Spring Street, Abbotsford NSW
Open: Wednesdays and Sundays 10am-4pm
More workshop information is available from
Peter Harris:

The association has a well equipped workshop available for members to work on their own projects in the company of other experienced and passionate woodworkers.  The Association’s workshop is in the grounds of the historic Quarantine Reserve at Abbotsford which was where animals brought to Australia were held until proved to be disease free. The grounds are on the shores of the Parramatta River and have babrcue facilities, toilets and grassed areas.

Members are also welcome to use the workshop on any day providing:
    •  it has been arranged for a committee member to unlock the workshop
    •  two or more members are present at all times, and
    •  the members attending the workshop use only the machines on which they are accredited, or are supervised by a member who is accredited.

 Machines include

  • large planer
  • thicknesser
  • band saw
  • panel saw
  • drum sander
  • lathe 
  • advanced router table

The workshop is also equipped with a roll-down photo backdrop. This greatly improves the quality of photos you take of your creations. It eliminates distracting backgrounds and ugly shadows. It can’t be used while people are working in the workshop so choose a time when others won’t be using the workshop.

Workshop development days
These days are organised with willing members to get together and undertake maintenance and repairs at the workshop.


Photography backdrop

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