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WWA Courses for 2021

The Association is pleased to offer a range of short courses for members again this year. They are presented by members, for members and costed as a benefit of membership. People not yet a member are most welcome to join.  Please download the form under the Membership tab of this website.  All courses are presented in our COVID safe workshop in Abbotsford. The program below details date, cost, presenters and a brief description of each event. More detailed descriptions of will be published in the next newsletter.

As the year unfolds updated information will be sent to members.  Courses need at least 4 participants to be viable and are capped at 6. As happened three times last year, courses may be repeated as demand requires. It is probable that additional courses will be offered. Reminders about upcoming courses will be emailed to members.

How do I join a course?

Courses are filled on a first paid, first confirmed basis. If you would like to participate in a course or if you need any information please contact Phil Nanlohy. Phil’s contact is philnanlohy@gmail.com and his phone number is 0416 022 252. (9 to 9, 7 days) Please check with Phil that space is still available for the course you want and then make the payment to confirm your spot. To pay for a course a direct debit needs to be made to the Associations account. (BSB: 112879, Acc. No.: 107098141, Acc. Name: Woodworkers Association of NSW)

WWA Short Courses Update

So far this year, the Introductory Woodworking No 1 course, led by Peter Munro and Kevin Wallace, has been successfully run.  The Accreditation day attracted a good crowd and the Annual Sharpening morning will run on the 22nd of May. The demonstrations will run from 10:00 am to 1:00 pm at the Abbotsford workshop. So far six members have volunteered to demonstrate their sharpening techniques across a range of methods. This is not a course as such but is a chance to visit the updated workshop, to meet with other members and to bring a blade and see it sharpened. Oh, and there is to be a BBQ.

Current state of course bookings  As at 8 April 20221

As at the time of writing 18 of the 48 places in the remaining eight advertised courses for have been secured with a payment. There are 15 unsecured bookings and 15 vacancies available. Please see the list below for a course by course listing of available spaces. Places are secured in order of payment. For more detailed descriptions of the courses please see pages 5 to 8 in the March edition of the Association’s newsletter, which can be found here. To secure a booking members need to pay by direct debit to the Association’s account. (BSB: 112879, Acc. No.: 107098141, Acc. Name: Woodworkers Association of NSW. Please also include the name of the course in the annotation.)

For more up to date information on the availability of places in the courses please contact Phil Nanlohy.  His mobile is available from 9am to 9pm seven days at 041 60 222 52. His email is philnanlohy@gmail.com.

2021 Courses, Leaders, Dates and Cost.

Course Details
Spoon carving – 17/4/21   Carol Faulkner and Clare O’Reilly

(4 Paid, 2 Bookings and 0 Vacancy @ $120)

Basics of Finishing – 8 & 15/5/21 Nik Teply

(3 Paid, 2 Bookings and 1 Vacancy @ $200)

Introductory Woodworking No 2 – 26/6/21 Clare O’Reilly and Phil Nanlohy

(3 Paid, 1 Booking and 2 Vacancies @ $120)


Hand Cut Joints – 10/7/21 Matt Dwight

(4 Paid, 2 Bookings and 0 vacancy @ $120)


Marquetry – 19, 20, 22, 23/7/21 Peter Harris and Peter Dunn

(2 Paid, 3 Bookings and 2 vacancy @ $360)


Box Making Course – 16, 17, 19, 20/8/21 Peter Dunn and Peter Harris

(1 Paid, 2 Bookings and 3 vacancies @ $360)


Introduction to Finishing – 18 & 25/9/21 Shane Wiechnik

(0 Paid, 2 Bookings and 4 vacancies @ $360)


Shaker Step Stool – 23/10/21 Brian Dawson and Steve Townsend

(1 Paid, 2 Bookings and 4 vacancies @ $160)


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