Next General Meeting

Mon. August 6, 2018
Using CNC equipment in your projects
Guests speakers:  Bette & David Petrie

The use of CNC (Computer Numerically Controlled) routers are increasingly becoming commonplace in the lives of commercial woodworkers. They provide great precision, enormous time-savings and can allow designers to be extraordinarily creative.  But the equipment prohibitively expensive for most woodworkers to acquire.

That’s where the proprietors of Cut, Carve and Create come in.  Bette and David Petrie are premier machinists who run a CNC milling business at Cromer to complement and extend the skills of carpenters, joiners and cabinetmakers.  They work with woodworkers to bring difficult projects to fruition in a cost effective way.  At our meeting, Bette and David will explain the processes involved and answer all your questions about CNC milling.  

In particular they will discuss design considerations, how to create computer files, the estimation, ordering and approval process, the use of prototypes and the actual machining.  Their website is at www. and will give you a taste of the range of possibilities.

Also:  long-term association member Tony Anderson will  give a short demonstration of a rather different sharpening system. Tony is an experienced woodworker but has a passion for high-precision metal work, He brings these metal working skills to the art of sharpening. Tony will demonstrate fast sharpening using a spinning turntable/lapping plate. He will use several types of lapping plates: ceramic, soft metal and hard felt with a variety of grit pastes.

Members are welcome to invite family and friends to attend the meeting.
William Room, Canada Bay Club,
4 William St, Five Dock   (plenty of parking)

7.00pm for 7.30pm start. Free parking.

Food and coffee are available in the Club’s cafe. Members are welcome to invite family and friend.
Our meeting will start at 7:30 pm and, instead of the usual pizzas, you can feast at the club’s excellent catering facilities and bar before the meeting.