Next General Meeting

Monday February 4, 2019

A talk by an expert teacher and maker
as well as a detailed talk on
steels for woodworkers

Andrew Knight – teacher maker

Andrew teaches Industrial Technology at Northmead Creative and Performing Arts High School.
He won the recent challenge given to all NSW woodwork teachers to submit a project where they designed, documented and created a piece of fine woodwork. 
Andrew will speak about his winning project – an innovative, Ripple Document box – and discuss developments and trends in the education of young people in our high schools in relation to woodwork and associated skills.

… and adjourned from our December meeting…

Steels ain’t steels

There is a bewildering array of steel alloys designed to do very specific jobs. What’s the best one for a
woodworker’s plane blades? Chisels? Other tools?

What is the difference between 01 steel, A2 steel and PM-V11 steel? And what do those names mean?

We sent Steve Townsend out to research the topic thoroughly. At the meeting he will give a
presentation which he promises will make the choices clear and simple. We’ll see …

PLUS, an intriguing extra: John Brassell will be giving a short talk on his latest project which “involves Kumiko and jigs” 
???  More will be revealed….

Members are welcome to invite family and friends to attend the meeting.
Please bring your membership name tags to make it easier for people to say hello.
We will also have name tags to write on for visitors.

As usual, the venue for the meeting is the Canada Bay Club,
4 William St, Five Dock. Plenty of parking is available.
We will be meeting in the William Room on the first floor.

Meals and light snacks are available at the Club if you would like to partake before the meeting.
Members are welcome to invite family and friends to attend the meeting.

William Room, Canada Bay Club,
4 William St, Five Dock   (plenty of parking)

7.00pm for 7.30pm start. Free parking.

Drinks are available in the Club’s cafe and full meals are available in the downstairs
bistro or upstairs in the Baysia restaurant


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