Next General Meeting

Mon. December 3, 2018
A major show and tell as well as a detailed
talk on steels for woodworkers

Our Christmas General Meeting promises to be highly informative and convivial. Wines and nibbles will be served.

All members  are asked to bring any item they have made this year, either finished or unfinished,
articularly items which have been made as a result of one of our workshop courses.

On steels: There is a bewildering array of steel alloys designed to do very specific jobs.
What’s the best one for a woodworker’s plane blades? Chisels?  Other tools? 
We sent Steve Townsend out to research the topic thoroughly. At the December 3 meeting
he will give a presentation which he promises will make the choices clear and simple.

Members are welcome to invite family      and friends to attend the meeting.

William Room, Canada Bay Club,
4 William St, Five Dock   (plenty of parking)

7.00pm for 7.30pm start. Free parking.

Drinks are available in the Club’s cafe and full meals are available in the downstairs
bistro or upstairs in the Baysia restaurant


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