Next General Meeting

Monday August 5

Precision and Flow

Darren Oates is a maker of fine furniture. He loves curves and
beautiful shapes. That makes getting things to fit perfectly all the
more challenging – see some of his work at
Alex Springall is a maker of fine boxes. He loves to use complex
geometric designs, like his Icosahedron box – see some of his work
Tony Anderson makes things to an extraordinary level of precision.
He has a drill-press that can be computer-positioned to a
thousandth of a millimetre.
How do they go about getting things “just right” each time?
Is it a case of having the right equipment? Or does one also need a
particular state of mind? What can recreational woodworkers learn
from their experiences and the studies that they have undertaken?
Our three speakers will provide practical advice about how they
perform their work and show members what equipment they find
most useful in ensuring accuracy and precision in their work.

As usual, the venue for the meeting is the Canada Bay Club,
4 William St, Five Dock. Plenty of parking is available.
We will be meeting in the William Room on the first floor.

Meals and light snacks are available at the Club if you would like to partake before the meeting.
Members are welcome to invite family and friends to attend the meeting.

William Room, Canada Bay Club,
4 William St, Five Dock   (plenty of parking)

7.00pm for 7.30pm start. Free parking.

Drinks are available in the Club’s cafe and full meals are available in the downstairs
bistro or upstairs in the Baysia restaurant

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